Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LiquidPay?

LiquidPay is a QR code mobile payment app accepted at many merchants in Singapore for quick, easy and secure transactions.

What are the benefits of LiquidPay?

LiquidPay allows our users to pay quickly, easily and securely at many merchants islandwide.

Where can I download the LiquidPay App?

You can download the LiquidPay App easily from Google Play or the App Store.

Where can I use LiquidPay?

You can use LiquidPay at any merchant which displays the LiquidPay logo. 

What is the difference between Liquid Cash and Liquid Account?

Liquid Cash is an e-wallet which can be topped-up with funds via credit cards, debit cards or eNets debit. Liquid Cash can be used for payments for goods and services at merchants who accept LiquidPay via in-store point of sale terminals and eCommerce channels. It can also be used for in-app payment services such as M1 bill payments.

Liquid Account is an e-wallet which can be topped up with funds via PayNow. Liquid Account can be used for fund transfers to e-wallets issued by other banks and non-bank financial institutions (NFIs) participating in PayNow. More features will be added progressively.

Do I have to keep any minimum balance in my LiquidPay Account?

No, you do not have to keep a minimum balance in your LiquidPay Account.

Is there any expiry period for my unused Liquid Cash?

No, there is no expiry date on your Liquid Cash.

Will I be notified if my Liquid Cash balance is low?

No, you will only be notified at the point of transaction if there is insufficient balance in your Liquid Cash to complete that particular transaction.


Where do I look for discount vouchers on the LiquidPay App?

You can find the available discount vouchers under the ‘Discover’ Tab in the LiquidPay App and you may choose to save any voucher(s) in your ‘Gift Box’.

How do I redeem a discount voucher?

After saving the voucher(s) to your Gift Box, you can proceed to scan the QR code at the point of payment, enter the payment amount, select your preferred mode of payment (Liquid Cash or Debit/Credit Card), and apply (“check”) the discount voucher before proceeding with the final payment amount. For more details, please refer to our user guide.

How do I find my voucher redemption details?

Select ‘History’ from the ‘Profile’ tab and click on the particular transaction recorded to view the transaction information. You will be able to view the voucher redemption details in the transaction payment details summary.

What happens to an expired voucher?

An expired voucher will be removed from your ‘Gift Box’ automatically and will no longer be available for redemption. However, you can look for other deals and vouchers under the ‘Discover’ tab and save any voucher that interests you in your ‘Gift Box’.

Do I need to make a reservation after I save the voucher?

Yes, we encourage you to make reservations with our F&B merchants to avoid disappointment.


What is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?

A Virtual Payment Address, or VPA, is an identifier used by the non-bank financial institutions (NFIs) that can be uniquely mapped to an individual account.

Your VPA with LiquidPay will always have the following format:

+(Country Code)(mobile number)#XNAP. For example, +6591234567#XNAP

You can link your VPA to your LiquidPay app to start sending and receiving funds via PayNow.

How is it different from existing PayNow?

The NRIC/FIN numbers, mobile numbers and UENs are used by banks to allow users to link their preferred bank account to PayNow.

VPAs are used by non-bank financial institutions (NFIs) to allow users to link their e-wallets, such as Liquid Account, to PayNow.

Can I have both PayNow bank account and PayNow e-wallet?

Yes. You can continue to use NRIC/FIN numbers, mobile numbers, or UENs with your existing bank account, while simultaneously holding PayNow e-wallets offered by the non-bank financial institutions (NFIs).

It is also possible for you to have multiple PayNow e-wallets by the various NFIs, as each e-wallet will be differentiated by an unique VPA depending on the entity offering the e-wallet.

Can I transfer funds between my Liquid Cash and Liquid Account?

No, funds cannot be transferred between your Liquid Cash and Liquid Account.

How do I activate PayNow on my Liquid Account?

You can activate your account for PayNow after completing a consumer verification process via MyInfo.

How do I top up via PayNow?

You will be able to top up your Liquid Account using your preferred bank app after activating PayNow on your Liquid Account.

Are there any charges for using PayNow to send money and receive money via LiquidPay?

There are no charges imposed for using PayNow at the moment, it is free to use.

How can I change my login password after registering?

Go to options menu tab via this icon ‘☰’ on the top left of the screen. Select ‘Account Information’, then select “Change Password”.

If I uninstall the app, what happens to my Liquid Cash?

Your Liquid Cash will be stored securely in our database. If you have uninstalled the app, you may install it again and login using the same username and password and your Liquid Cash and Liquid Account will still be available for use. If you wish to terminate your LiquidPay account, please notify us via email at

I lost my device. What happens to my Liquid Cash and Liquid Account?

Your Liquid Account and Liquid Cash information are stored securely in our database. You may install the LiquidPay app on another device and login using the same username and password. If you are concerned about any unauthorized use of your LiquidPay Account, please notify us regarding the lost device as soon as possible by emailing us at We will suspend your LiquidPay Account and reactivate it again upon your request.

How can I view my previous transactions?

Go to the ‘Profile’ tab and select ‘History’ to view your previous transactions.

Does LiquidPay offer email receipts?

No, we do not send email receipts for transactions. You may refer to your transaction history on your app by accessing the ‘History’ page under the ‘Profile’ tab.

How do I terminate my LiquidPay account?

To terminate your LiquidPay account, please notify us via email at Note that we may request additional verification documents from you before proceeding with the termination and we may impose an administrative fee of either $10 or 10% of the balance amount in your Liquid Cash, net of GST, whichever is higher.

How can I edit my profile (eg. birthday and gender)?

Please email your account details (email address & phone number) to The support team will assist you further on this request.

How do I remove my credit card details from my LiquidPay account?

For credit cards removal, please notify us via email at Our support team will assist you with this request.

Can I top up the other loyalty cards on my app using Liquid Cash?

Yes, you can use Liquid Cash to top-up stored-value loyalty cards on the LiquidPay App.

Is there an option of auto top-up function for Liquid Cash?

Yes, the auto top-up feature can be enabled at the ‘Wallet’ tab. Select ‘Accounts’, select ‘Liquid Cash’, select ‘Top-up’, select ‘Auto Top-Up’ and select your preferred auto top-up amount, as well as the balance amount to trigger the auto top-up.

What is the maximum amount I can top up or hold in my Liquid Cash and Liquid Account?

Personal Payment Account

Liquid Cash

Liquid Account

Wallet Limit

S$999 across both wallets at any one time

Transaction Limit per transaction

S$999 across both wallets, subject to wallet limit

Annual Transaction Limit

S$30,000 in any one year period

Do I need to pay any fees to top-up Liquid Cash or loyalty cards?

No, top-ups are currently free on the LiquidPay App.

What if my intended recipient does not have the LiquidPay App / a Liquid Cash account?

The intended recipient will receive an SMS alert to download the LiquidPay app. He/she will need to download the LiquidPay app and register for a Liquid Cash account. Funds will be automatically transferred into his/her Liquid Cash account when the registration has been successfully completed and the Liquid Cash account is activated.

I’ve accidentally topped up my Liquid Cash instead of Spinelli’s e-Friend’s card. How can I transfer the amount?

Please find the steps below to transfer your Liquid Cash balance from LiquidPay account to Spinelli e-Friend’s card. Under wallet tab > tap on your Spinelli e-Friends card > select ‘Top-up’ > select your Top-up amount > select Liquid Cash as your transfer option > amount will be transferred to your Spinelli e-Friends card.


How do I pay with LiquidPay?

Please find the steps below:

  1. Scan the QR code and enter the payment amount
  2. Select payment using Debit/Credit Card or Liquid Cash and apply (“check”) the discount voucher (if any)
  3. Confirm and proceed to make the payment
  4. You will receive a successful payment notification

For more details, please refer to our user guide.

What are the payment options on LiquidPay?

You can make payments via your Liquid Cash or Liquid Account. Please see above on the different top-up methods for Liquid Cash and Liquid Account.

What cards can I use to pay with LiquidPay?

You can add MasterCard, Visa and Diners cards to your Liquid Cash e-wallet.

How can I pay with Liquid Cash?

After you register for Liquid Cash, you can top up your Liquid Cash account via the debit or credit cards registered on your LiquidPay account or via eNETS. eNETs currently supports top-ups from your bank accounts with the following banks: DBS, OCBC, UOB, Citibank, and Standard Chartered Bank.

Can I split my bill using LiquidPay?

The merchant can assist to split the bill. Please check with the merchant before making payment.

I made double payments using the LiquidPay App. How do I get a refund?

You should notify the merchant immediately that you have made a double payment as the merchant can void one of the transactions immediately.


Why does my LiquidPay App always auto-logout?

We have set the app to automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity for security reasons.

Does LiquidPay work with tablets?

Yes, you may download the LiquidPay App on your tablets and use it the same way as you would on your mobile device. Please ensure that your tables has a working internet connection via wifi or mobile data connection.

My device does not seem to be able to scan or read the Liquid QR code / SGQR code.

Please use the LiquidPay App to scan the LiquidPay QR code / SGQR code and ensure that the entire QR code is properly captured within the camera frame. Please also ensure that you have allowed the LiquidPay App to access the camera in your device settings. For other technical support, please contact us at

What should I do if I have more queries?

Please contact your bank directly for issues with PayNow on your bank app.

Please email for issues on our LiquidPay app.